According to Roland Barthes there are four image-repertoires present when a portrait is taken. 

There is the person the subject sees themselves as and the person they choose to present. There is also the person the photographer sees the subject as and the person they choose to exhibit.  We experience this same sensation in the places with which we surround ourselves. We develop an opinion of a place, we interact with it, and we choose to tell others about characteristics within it. 

These photographs are a visual diary of places that have made an impression with me. 

Lake Shore, Chicago, Ill. 

Purple skies, Chicago, Ill. 

Parking lot, Bowling Green, Ky. 

Wax museum, Cave City, Ky. 

Coffee shop window, Louisville, Ky. 

Rain storm, Monterey, Calif. 

Tennis court, Bowling Green, Ky. 

Neighborhood, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Stormy shore, Chicago, Ill. (For the Chicago Tribune)  

Corn stalks, Springfield, Ill. 

Second hand store, Bowling Green, Ky.  

Freeway, El Paso, Texas.

Lightning storm, Lincoln, Neb.

Forest rain, Chicago, Ill. 

F4, Henryville, Ind.

Football stands, Glenview, Ill. (For the Chicago Tribune)

Thompson Center, Chicago, Ill. 

Pool, Fresno, Calif. 

Birds, Livingston, Ill. 

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