Anthony Bryant photographed April 29, 2012 in Cave City, Ky.  

Marla Stogner walks through her living room Sept. 1, 2012, in Chicago, Ill. On Aug. 31, Marla's son, 17-year-old Jalen C.J. Stogner, was shot and killed while leaving a laundry mat with his mother and younger brother, 11-year-old DeShawn Sims. (For the Chicago Tribune)           

Actor Ben Affleck photographed Sept. 11, 2012, in Chicago, Ill. (For the Chicago Tribune)

Certified animal representative Ken Gold, 55, holds his 8-year-old American short hair cat, Sara, at his home Dec. 21, 2012, in Chicago, Ill. Gold has been a animal representative for 11 years and has worked on more than 230 film productions including Marley & Me, Contagion and Django Unchained. (For the Chicago Tribune)

"People want to see something real." Actress Leah Karpel said while discussing her presence on stage July 3, 2012, in Chicago, Ill. "You can't fake have to really be alive." Karpel said. (For the Chicago Tribune)

My grandfather, Alfonso Lara, walks in his backyard garden July 13, 2010, in El Paso, Texas. He has lived in his home for 44 years with my grandmother Olivia.              

Jesse (last name and city withheld upon request) sits at his hotel after working at a friend's farm May 2, 2012, in Kentucky. Before moving to Kentucky, Jesse was a drug distributer in Florida. After the birth of his son, he left Florida to start a new life for himself and his family. 

Hinsdale senior linebacker AJ Dellapolla watches his teammates practice at Hinsdale Central High School Sept. 14, 2012, in Hinsdale, Ill. Dellapolla suffered from a broken fibula and was scheduled to be in crutches for 6-8 weeks. (For the Chicago Tribune)

Actress Elizabeth Banks photographed June 12, 2012,  in Chicago, Ill. (For the Chicago Tribune)

“I can go down house by house and point to every house that somebody has gotten cancer.” Diana Sullivan said. On July 16, 2012 the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency notified the city of Sauk Village, Ill., that its public drinking water supply was contaminated by vinyl chloride.  Diana and her husband Edward Sullivan have lived in Sauk Village since 1969. Since then, the couple estimates 40-50 of their neighbors have had cancer. “Either they're in remission or they're dead.” Diana said. “I’ve always said it has to be the water.” Photographed July 6, 2012 in Sauk Village, Ill. (For the Chicago Tribune)             

Andrew Fry looks back at his mother, Jenny, while walking in the Barren River Sept. 23, 2010, in Bowling Green, Ky.

Photographer David Plowden photographed at his home Oct. 22, 2012, in Winnetka, Ill. (For the Chicago Tribune)            

Matthew Wasson looks at what is left of his neighbor’s home in Henryville, Ind., after a F4 tornado ripped through town two days earlier March 4, 2012.  The tornado that struck Henryville was one of many severe storm systems that hit at least 10 other states throughout the Midwest, leaving 32 people dead.

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